Blue Ocean System Farm


Cage Model FY-450T FY-500T
Floating Pipe diameter 450mm 500mm
Cage sizes available -
Inner measurements:
10 x 10 m
15 x 15 m
20 x 20 m
25 x 25 m
30 x 30 m
40 x 40 m
Centre walkway width: 2.2M 2.5M
Centre walkway Stanchion: Triple Collars Stanchion Triple Collars Stanchion
Perimeter walkway width: 1.3 / 2.2 M 1.6 / 2.5 M
Perimeter walkway Stanchion: Double / Triple Collars Stanchion Double / Triple Collars Stanchion
Distance between brackets 2.5M 2.5M
PS Safety Floatation added yes yes
Walkway Decking Available yes yes
Inner net depth 5-10M 5-10M

*Different width is available
*Our factory is certified to ISO 9001
*Custom design and build available