Circular Cage

  • low per-cubic meter investment
  • better growth & lower mortality rate
  • superior expert welding technique & PE-100 material
  • enlarged diameter and walls for better buoyancy and flexibility
  • double flotation pipes for safer maintenance operations and higher resistance to water turbulence
  • detachable handrail for quicker and easier replacement of net
  • No Centre net support needed

Fabricated Double Collars Stanchion Cage Stanchion

Cage Model FY-225D FY-250D FY-315D FY-355D FY-400D FY-450D FY-500D FY-560D
Floating Pipe diameter 225mm 250mm 315mm 355mm 400mm 450mm 500mm 560mm
Standard circumferences 30-50M 40-70M 70- 90M 90-120M 110-140M 140-180M 160-210M 190-250M
Standard diameters 10 - 16M 13 - 22M 20 - 30M 30 - 38M 35 - 45M 45 - 56M 50 - 66M 60 - 80M
Stanchion no. 24 28 48 56 48 64 80 96
Handrail pipe 110mm 110mm 110mm 110mm 125mm 140mm 140mm 140mm
Stanchion upright pipe 125mm 125mm 125mm 125mm 160mm 160mm 160mm 160mm
Stanchion separation  2M 2M 2M 2M 2.5M 2.5M 2.5M 2.5M
Mooring Bracket 8 pcs 8 pcs 12 pcs 12 pcs 16 pcs 16 pcs 20 pcs 20 pcs
Polystyrene added yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Net hooks option option option option option option option option
Availble with sinker tube 200mm 225mm 280mm 315mm 355mm 400mm 450mm 500mm
Mooring Analysis available yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes
Walkway Available no yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
All models meet NS 9415 / Factory is ISO 9001 certified
Customization is available