Mooring System


Mooring System Design
A well-designed mooring system prolongs the lifespan of the cage and facilitates maintenance and repair.   As such, Toford Acquaculture provides customers tailored mooring system design based on different seabed and water conditions.

Our mooring system includes: anchor, buoy, chain, ropes& related accessories. Anchor Categories:

typically in 250kg, 375kg, 750kg, 1000kg or 1500kg People have various choices of anchors from plough, Admiralty or a special design that has a holding capacity of 88-1 which is well above the traditional anchors of 10-1 or 15-1 holding power.  
Marker buoys and fenders are available in a wide number of choices and different shapes and sizes depending on the purpose . Some are seen here with buoyancy of 70kg, 120kg, 300kg, 500kg, 1000kg.  
We Can supply all types of top quality rope from the smallest to Hawser size with breaking load certificate if required.  
Toford offers a wide range of chains. All chain meet or exceed requirements of NACM & ASTM standards. All chain is proof test to insure you get the highest quality chain available. Grades from commercial to high grade steel G 80 and G100. Chain sizes between 26mm to 46mm  
We have most types of shackles in stock. Our shackles are available in many different qualities and from leading shackle producers. Shackles sizes between 3/4" to 2"  
Thimbles (Hard Eye)
Toford supplies extra solid thimbles designed to withstand the constant wearing they undergo as part of a system mooring. Our thimbles have a large thickness combined with a design which prevents the thimble from twisting under high loading. Thimbles size between 2" to 13".